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Walking all day to reach the top of a mountain just isn’t very exciting when there is nothing to see up there. Just like we did. We can only say, thank you, Google Maps, we wouldn’t know what to do without you. Best news of the day? We were served one of the best bowls of Spaghetti Carbonara we’ve ever had and a cold pint on the side. On the TMB, you pretty much need to hike 1,000 meters up, and 1,000 meters down each day, and it cannot be stressed enough how tough that is. Tour du Mont Blanc biegnie przez trzy kraje – Francję, Włochy oraz Szwajcarię, a widoki z poszczególnych etapów są po prostu nieziemskie! Up, up, up we went for hours and hours. We knew we were missing out hugely by skipping the beautiful final stage of the trek, but we were defeated. In fact, it turned out to be the toughest hike of our lives. Still, we weren’t prepared for the struggles of the Tour du Mont Blanc trail. As darkness slowly descended, so did we, into the mountaineering town of Argentiere. It was like all the struggles of the last week, came back all at once. Mont Blanc Tours & Trips. Luckily the little town was filled to the brim with sports and activewear stores, and we quickly managed to find a replacement sleeping mat. Walking over the Col de la Balme and back to France with fantastic views of the Mont Blanc and Aiguille Verte, you will have the option of two alternative routes for the descent to Le Tour. We had hoped that it would be all downhill from here, as was typically the case when you have conquered a mountain pass, but we were in for a surprise. There are definitely things we could do to have a better hike on our next trip, and it would be foolish not to consider that. The Danish Nomads | Travel & Adventure Blog. Things might have been different if we had been better prepared, but we weren’t. Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly vertical, but it was a steep ascent for sure. Plentiful accommodation exists along the entire route, allowing it to be broken into segments to suit any fit person. If we knew what we went into, how hard it would be, and that the weather wouldn’t constantly allow for postcard-pretty views, we would have been in a better place. We took comfort from the fact that all we had planned for the next two weeks was mountain vistas. We should have gone into the valley. Experience one of the world’s most spectacular classic treks and join Mont Blanc Treks this summer, with our great range of professionally guided and self-guided trekking holidays. Despite the abundance of choice, the popularity of the trail can lead to problems finding accommodation. Turns out, they had gotten the last room in this lodge. Tour du Mont Blanc with/without guide cost. TOUR DU MONT BLANC 17/07/2021 Frontale allumée, il est 4h55 du matin. Here we could probably have walked the final few kilometers to Champex, but now that we were getting accustomed to riding public transportation anyway, we might as well board the fourth bus of the day. This spectacular overlook brings you impressively close to famous peaks such as Mont Blanc de Courmayeur, Noire de … We arrived on an absolutely stunning day, with plenty of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. We could look up to the mountain pass, and it seemed brighter up there. The trek continued along a high ridge, towards the famous Refugio Bonatti, and featured panoramic mountain views across from the Val Ferret valley below. We raced down on the other side of the pass, and the mountain offered good shelter from the elements. We were descending for the next few hours towards the little town of Les Contamines, where people who sleep in huts usually stop for the day. Therefore, you almost always start by ascending steeply for the first part of the day and then spend the rest of the day going downhill. The choice was between wild camping, illegally, or taking the “escape route” down from the ridge into the Val Ferret valley. There’s a lot of things which we didn’t expect, and that’s why we have written this article. We felt so unlucky because of this, and it just made us want to go home. The Tour du Mont Blanc trail is open from June to September. We made it to the top of Col de Balme, and to our delight, Mont Blanc presented itself majestically to us for the first time since Courmayeur. One thing that we have thought about a lot since coming back from the TMB is how we never seemed capable of enjoying ourselves. As we awoke bright and early, we eagerly stuck our heads outside of the tent to see how the weather had progressed overnight. The Tour du Mont Blanc passes through France, Italy and Switzerland and is Europe's finest Alpine hike. To pick Hotel de la Forclaz was a mistake. We’re not ashamed to say it: We underestimated the TMB. The minimum time one can sensibly complete the Tour du Mont Blanc is seven days, although even with this small amount of time, you will miss out a few of the sections and have to take private or public transport. The refuge was located at the mountain pass Col de Balme, which also marked the border between Switzerland and France. Looking at the stats further below, they seem to confirm the strenuous nature of the hike. As you trek the Tour du Mont Blanc, you’ll experience the culture, the rich history of the Alps along with the stories of how this massive mountain has beckoned hikers and mountaineers for over 250 years. We just slept in, spent the full day resting in Courmayeur, and went to bed early. However, the weather on this particular day was all downhill from there. You may recall we were having some motivational issues due to the weather, and the fact that we were busting our asses to get to all these beautiful viewpoints only to be met by grey clouds and poor visibility. Informationen zum Coronavirus (COVID-19) We didn’t know it at the time, but this turned out to be the last meal on the TMB for us. It turns out that before we went on our trip, we had mostly been reading overly positive blog posts about the experience. Up there on Col de la Seigne, at 2.500 meters, we finally got what we came for. As mentioned in the notes for day 8, we should have slept in La Peuty instead. Mont Blanc itself towered straight in front of us, and at last, there were no clouds to obstruct the wondrous view. Don’t give up on this bucket list adventure after reading our post! We hope it will help you in your preparations for one of the toughest but most epic hikes in the world! The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most popular long distance treks in Europe. We had yet to put up our tent! The weight of our packs, our blisters, our thighs, and our knees – nothing worked. It was mocking us the entire way down. This famous trek has been listed as one of the top long-distance treks in the world time and time again, and for good reason. It was filmed during our TMB hike in September 2019, and we think it captures the essence of the trip quite well. We had actually expected it, because, believe it or not, we obsessed about the forecast. Here we would change to a regional connection carrying us to the sizable Italian city of Aosta. We were discussing how we’d managed to prepare so poorly and why we hadn’t been training more with our backpacks. It will complement the guidebook very well and should help you take better, more informed decisions. If you are one of them, day 1 shouldn’t be too tough. We might even have glimpsed a thin slice of blue skies. The kitchen was actually closed, but we could get a warm cheese toastie, and that felt like heaven to us. There were several contributing factors to why that is, including that we carried way too much weight, had difficulty finding camping spots, unfortunate weather, and the fact that we were out of shape. The reason for not sleeping in our tent on the first night is an interesting one. At the same time, it gave us a real bed to sleep in when we got back from the trek. Required fields are marked *, We won't send you spam. Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc in September: Our Personal Trip Report: Read this post to get a better overview of the route as well as what you can expect from the trek on a day-to-day basis. Camp along the route to save as much as $50 per day, but spend at least a few nights in mountain huts and inns to immerse yourself in the local flavor. It was like drinking a magic potion, and we were back to our old selves in no time. As we got down from Fenetre d’Arpette, we had the choice of going down into the valley towards Trient, or continue straight towards Col de la Forclaz. We are just trying to explain our personal choices and why it made sense to us. We also met some people we had chatted with earlier and shared a beer with them. With a start at Les Houches one might expect overnight stops at Les Contamines, Col de la Croix du Bonhomme refuge or Les Chapieux (depending on variant route taken), Elisabetta Soldini refuge, Courmayeur, Elena refuge, Champex, Trient village, Argentiere, La Flegere refuge and finally back to Les Houches. We ended the day being miserable, trying to cook some instant noodles half inside the tent and complaining to each other about how unlucky we were with the weather. Hike Switzerland, France, and Italy on a 10-day adventure through the Swiss Alps. The idea was to double back with the bus we took the day before, and reconnect to the official TMB trail back at Cabane du Combal. Our trip would just have been that much better, had we had the extra physical energy. Seeing those cute little creatures boosted our moods quite a lot, and we made light work of the initial ascent. Luckily, we quickly found the perfect spot for a little picnic. Of course, in the end, it was all worth it! What to see & do in Chamonix: This post includes all the best things to see & do in Chamonix after the trek. The season for the Tour du Mont Blanc runs from the start of July to mid September. After what felt like an endless climb, we passed by the first refuge. The only problem was that the last bus of the day would depart in exactly 45 minutes. There was nothing effortless about our ascent. The TMB trek is not going to be easy, and there are probably going to be plenty of days without any mountain views whatsoever. But, as usual, we eventually made it to the top. The route of the Tour du Mont Blanc is used for an annual ultramarathon event called the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. Trying to map a route via public transport from Val Ferret in Italy to Champex in Switzerland wasn’t exactly easy, but it could be done. We had nothing left to shoot with, and we were content with that. August is by far the most popular month and we recommend avoiding the period around the Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc race which is usually held in the last week of August. Get travel tips on your favourite social media channel - we are active on most. We basked in the sun, and one beer became two. Here’s a little overview of what you might expect: This post is all about our personal day-by-day experiences on the trek. That’s our final tip to you: Please know what you are getting into! Not only was the place really nice, but it was also located closer to our goal of day 8: The mountain pass known as Fenetre d’Arpette. However, we had a small problem. Let’s say this up front: There are plenty of possibilities! On the way down, we had been treated to some epic glacier views, which helped keep our spirits high. Nick had a tasty portion of crepes with cheese, with the addition of a raw egg for some reason, and Kia had some curiously tasting, and even more curiously looking, Ravioli. We were slightly optimistic, though, because the weather forecast indicated that better times might lie ahead. We knew the second day would likely be tough, and since we had cheated in the morning, we felt we should cover some more ground. Time: 8 hoursDistance: 13 km / 8 milesLowest point: 1.543 m / 5,063 feetHighest point: 2.660 m / 8,727 feet  (Fenetre d’Arpette = highest point on the TMB)Ascent: 958 m / 3,143 feetDescent: 1.110 m / 3,642 feet. 8 hours on the trail, covering more than 17 km (11 miles) and a combined elevation change of over 2.300 meters (7.700 feet), does not equal an easy day. Au départ des Houches ou de Chamonix, c’est une boucle de plus de 175 km et 10.000 mètres de dénivelé autour du Mont Blanc : et quelle boucle ! This day was actually supposed to be stage 4 of the TMB. The weather didn’t improve at all, but our spirits remained high throughout the day. There was nothing to do but just take things as they came and stay positive. We also won’t make the mistake of not training enough beforehand. That’s the good thing about taking such a long trek, after all, you are almost guaranteed to have some awesome days at one point or another. Vous écoutez les dernières consignes de sécurité du speaker et du Directeur de course. It was time to go, Italy wouldn’t wait for us. A few days prior, our Therm-a-rest sleeping mat had exploded on us, almost literally. Your email address will not be published. We want to help you travel more and better so we share all our best tips and tricks on a daily basis to those who want to listen. The morning was tough, but the scenery interesting enough. We had too much weight on, and our shoulders, back, and hips were already hurting pretty bad. We enjoyed it, at times, and we had some killer views that we will always remember. It would later explode on us as well, but that’s another story. Sweet! Instead, we had to move our booking to the other end of the hike and hope for the best. Usually, people hike from Rifugio Bonatti to La Fouly on stage 6, and then from La Fouly to Champex on stage 7. It is not. We passed by Refugio Bertone but didn’t need to eat there as we had brought our own food. We've got 13 tours going to Mont Blanc, starting from just 5 days in length, and the longest tour is 13 days. This is not exactly a short post. Barely had we started developing these thoughts before the rain increased in intensity, and all of a sudden, it developed into a proper downpour. We all want to save money, right? For us, poor campers, though, it is another story. We just wanted to relax, so that is exactly what we did. We didn’t have it, and it would have helped us on several occasions. The route passes through seven valleys around the Mont-Blanc massif, an anti-clockwise start in Chamonix would lead through the Chamonix (or Arve) valley, then Montjoie, Vallée des Glaciers, Italian Val Veni, Val Ferret, Swiss Val Ferret, and either the Arpette or Trient valley in Switzerland, dependent on the route chosen. It was like someone dangled a carrot in front of us. We thought we might try our luck wild camping somewhere, but since that wasn’t exactly legal, we had to keep walking until after dark. The latter of those is supposedly the easiest on the entire TMB, but we will never be able to comment on that. To make matters worse, the weather was becoming increasingly grey and cloudy, and the threat of rain was looming over us. We passed by Rifugio Elisabetta, and soon we found ourselves in the next valley. There were campsites down there, and although it was the safe choice, it would make the following day much tougher. TMB – Your Questions Answered: This is an easily digestible post in a Q&A format, to help you quickly get answers to our most frequently asked questions. We had never heard about that one before, but rightly so because it turned out to be quite a hole. Time: 7.5 hoursDistance: 21 km / 13 milesLowest point: 1.014 m / 3,326 feetHighest point: 1.798 m / 5,899 feetAscent: 818 m / 2,684 feetDescent: 1.007 m / 3,304 feet. The weather had improved, and we could glimpse the sun and the blue sky through the canopy. The nutritional value of our choice is up for debate (albeit a very short one), but it was still one of the best lunches of our lives!

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