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Click the Play button to load and view external content from Vimeo.com. Alongside the planning project, the core module, a mix of parallel compulsory and elective modules communicate a fundamental background in the social sciences, design and planning policy. Drama, Lyrik, Novelle) als auch Termini der Methode (z. In the sixth and final semester, students complete and present a Bachelor Thesis to be undertaken alongside the core module. If desired, the final thesis can also focus on a topic not covered in the core modules. Picture: Fotolia Information on Coronavirus. Has a scholarship New York 2019 / 2020. A proof of sufficient language proficiency for university study in Germany (DSH-2 or TestDaF TDN 4) will be required. In addition, before beginning the final thesis, students are required to complete 10 weeks of practical experience in Germany. About University of Wuppertal The University of Wuppertal, which in German is Bergische Universität Wuppertal (BUW), is a scientific institution in Wuppertal in the North Rhine-Westphalia. Institut für Germanistik und Niederlandistik der VTU, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Der Standort des Studiums ist Jena. In the Bachelor of Architecture study course, renowned professors in the field communicate analytical, creative and constructional aspects of architecture. The Christmas Message of the President Prof. Dr Walter Rosenthal Learn more Image: Jürgen Scheere (University of Jena) Light. Our Media Service keeps you up to date on upcoming events and recent developments at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Accompanying lectures provide a basic theoretical foundation for the following two years. Grafik-Design – Buchgestaltung  Research-oriented work within the design projects prepares you for the more strongly research-oriented work of the Master’s degree programmes. Pressearbeit. This period gives students an opportunity to examine the German planning culture first-hand and students are expected to apply what they have learned in projects of their own. The Faculty of Art and Design has well equipped workshops. Part 1 Candidates are only eligible for the aptitude assessment test if all the application documents are complete and submitted on time. Date Rating. Students may only enrol in the winter semester. Studium, …f die Produktion innovativer Formate für 360°-Kuppel-Projektionen. Sc.). The B.Sc. Die Referentin, Antje Klahn, studierte, … Mitteilungen von Thüringen Weimar: Thüring. After completion and defence of the final thesis the Faculty of Architecture awards students the qualification of »Bachelor of Science« (B. The course covers a breadth of topics required for the planning professions. Unsere beiden Bachelor-Studiengänge Architektur und Urbanistik liefern das grundständige Rüstzeug für Ihren Einstieg in den Beruf. Candidates fulfil the subject-specific prerequisites by attaining a total score of 60 out of 100 possible points. Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine The Internationale Vereinigung der Germanistik (International Association of German Studies) had been founded in Florence, Italy in 1951. Claudia Weinreich Press Officer phone: +49 (0) 36 43/58 11 73 fax: +49 (0) 36 43/58 11 72 e-mail: presse[at]uni-weimar.de » Media Service Architecture is in German language. 99423 Weimar phone +49(0)3643 / 58 32 37 fax +49(0)3643 / 58 32 30 e-mail dekanat[at]gestaltung.uni-weimar.de. Shakespeare - deutsch: Bibliographie der Übersetzungen und Bearbeitungen ; zugleich Bestandsnachweis der Shakespeare-Übersetzungen der Herzogin-Anna … The study course is predominantly project-based with a strong emphasis on social and planning sciences and the architectural and spatial skills required by town planners. Germanistik ist die akademische Disziplin der Geisteswissenschaften, die die deutsche Sprache und deutschsprachige Literatur in ihren historischen und gegenwärtigen Formen erforscht, dokumentiert und vermittelt. seit 10/2020: Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben am Institut für Germanistik der Universität Hamburg; 10/2013–09/2020: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl von Prof. Dr. Harald Haferland an der Universität Osnabrück Der 1951 geborene Micky Remann studierte, …Vita If you are interested in continuing your education with a more in-depth qualification, your bachelor’s degree enables you to embark on a Master’s degree programme leading to a further or vocational qualification. Literarisch-kulturelle Zentren wie Weimar, Leipzig und Halle liegen zwischen zwanzig Minuten und einer Bahnstunde von Jena entfernt. Das Reallexikon der deutschen Literaturwissenschaft (RLW) ist das Standardwerk der Germanistik. Its conferences, held every five years, bring together the most distinguished scholars of German literature and culture from around the world. The study course has three main pillars: a strong basis in the social sciences, the architectural design of the built environment and an international orientation. To apply for participation in the aptitude assessment test, please submit the following documents: Your physical presence at the Faculty of Architecture is required in order to participate in the tests and interview. The project's particular emphasis on gender theory and women's history has also opened doors to the museum world. The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar With faculties and areas of study such as Architecture and Urbanism, Civil Engineering, Art and Design and Media, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar has a distinctive identity. 2019/2020 None. Architecture is in German language. 437 likes. more. 7 pages. The final core module can be chosen freely from the range of projects offered by the departments. The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is home to research and studies on the subject of flight and expulsion. The University made him a doctor of Letters honoris causa in May 1939. Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf studied from 1976-1987 Germanics and History at the Eberhards-Karl-Universität Tübingen, Germany. The University of Tübingen was founded in 1477 by Count Eberhard V (Eberhard im Bart, 1445–1496), later the first Duke of Württemberg, a civic and ecclesiastic reformer who established the school after becoming absorbed in the Renaissance revival of learning during his travels to Italy. Vorstellung des Studiengangs »Architektur«, Vorstellung der Studiengänge »Urbanistik« und »European Urban Studies«. User Account. Students may only enrol in the Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning after passing the aptitude assessment test. Sowohl Gattungsbegriffe (z. Discussion published by Simona Noreik in H-Germanistik on Friday, December 20, 2019. Find out about study opportunities at the Faculty. Wolfram Malte Fues, Prof. Dr. All coursework is conducted in German. University of Luxembourg. University of Bielefeld. We recommend placements with planning authorities at an urban or regional level or comparable institutions as well as in public or non-public planning areas, for example in commercial planning offices, non-government organisations or research institutes. der Hamburgischen Architektenkammer; Studium der, … Überblick über die wesentlichen Bereiche der Date Rating. Or are you interested in finding answers to social and environmental issues concerning the quality of life in cities in Europe and around the world? Study at the Faculty. Graduates may take up a position in the profession or elect to continue their studies in the consecutive Master’s study programme in Urban Studies or one of the other postgraduate degree courses on offer, which can in turn be followed by one of our Ph. one page (DIN A4), describing your academic and professional goals, Details regarding your prior education, particularly any preparations you have made for university study (in list form with certificates/references if possible; no portfolios please! Die Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Architektur und Urbanistik, Bauingenieurwesen, Kunst und Gestaltung und Medien – mit ihren Fakultäten und Arbeitsgebieten verfügt die Bauhaus-Universität Weimar über ein einzigartiges Profil. Medien, Archiv- u. Literaturforschung, Wiss. Studying and working during the corona pandemic. For more information about enrolment procedures, click h.ere The assessments are valid for two academic years, i.e. Das Studium "Germanistik" an der staatlichen "Uni Jena" hat eine Regelstudienzeit von 6 Semestern und endet mit dem Abschluss "Bachelor of Arts". ), For international applicants: Proof of language proficiency for university study in Germany (DSH-2), A self-addressed, stamped envelope (size DIN C6) for notification of acceptance, The enrolment period ends on 30 September. » Zur Suche im Verzeichnis der Studierenden, Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter, … Wolfram Malte Fues, Prof. Dr. As a consequence the field of work both in professional practice as well as in research are changing continually. They also work in private planning offices, in private companies, social organisations and policy consultancy agencies. Born in Hamburg. Thudd OURS USO Surugouuiiil[ 353] None Pages: 7 year: 2019/2020. Accompanying lectures and seminars supplement the coursework and provide related background knowledge on the topics of the core modules. Learn more Image: Liana Franke (Uni Jena) Happy holidays! Summaries. Please consider that the B.Sc. 2006 – present: Full Professor of German Literature and Theory . Wenn du an eine sehr kleine Uni möchtest, dann wäre Erfurt zu bevorzugen (4700 Studenten... selbst Greifswald hat das Doppelte). Z 2427. None Pages: 2 year: 2019/2020. After a two-week introductory course in the first semester, all students follow a curriculum that focuses on a specific central theme each year. Public town planning has been instrumental in creating the conditions for an enormous increase in the standard and quality of life in many countries, especially in the second half of the 20th century, and today places new demands on the analysis and planning of spatial transformations. An ideal means of obtaining this qualification is to continue your studies with our consecutive Master’s Degree in Architecture. Such internships have a positive effect on the evaluation of the aptitude assessment test. Jonas Weber. Institut für Germanistik Universität Wien Universitätsring 1 A-1010 Wien T: +43-1-4277-421 01 bis 07 F: +43-1-4277-9 421 E-Mail more . : +49-651-201-2324 Fax: +49-651-201-3909 Mail: gfgermanistikuni-trierde Postanschrift . Candidates may only apply for enrolment in the winter semester. Please submit all required application materials by post to: Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Dekanat Architektur - Bachelor Urbanistik - D-99421 Weimar (Germany). The Bachelor of Architecture study course is divided into three successive years that build on each other. Are you trying to find out the location of website uni-weimar.de?Here you will find all the available technical information about this website, like the fact that it is being hosted by Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar on IP address in the city of Weimar. 1 Book. The Faculty of Art and Design. A further key quality of the Bachelors of Science in Urban Planning is its university-level academic standard, which introduces students to the practiceof research. Architectural studies are interdisciplinary and take place alongside the discourseand cultures of the neighbouring disciplines of art, design and planning. Melden Sie sich mit Ihrem Uni-Account an.. 1 page (DIN A4), describing your academic and professional goals, Certified copy of your university entrance qualification (translated in German), Details regarding your prior education, particularly any preparation you have made for university study (in list form with certificates/references if possible; no portfolios please! The assessment results are sent to the candidates shortly after they complete the second part of the test. After completion and defence of the Bachelor degree, the Faculty of Architecture awards the student the academic degree of »Bachelor of Science« (B. The core subject areas introduce students to the dimensions of social action required for practicing in the field and that are essential for relevant academic research: _ town planning and socio-scientific urban research_ theory, history and politics of the city and planning_ urban design, housing and urban conservation_ economics and technical infrastructure of spatial planning. As part of your studies, you will also learn how to apply your basic knowledge to other fields such as public relations, the social sciences and art. We recommend that applicants complete an architecture-related internship of up to 12 weeks before applying. Studied at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. In the second year, design and construction and urban design are the main areas of focus. Institut für Germanistik Universität Wien Universitätsring 1 A-1010 Wien T: +43-1-4277-421 01 bis 07 F: +43-1-4277-9 421 E-Mail

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